Hibo Kids

Kids Christmas Party - December 16, 2006

I wanted to Thank all the Children for coming to our Christmas Party. We had a great time and I have never heard better singing of Christmas songs in my life. Our Hibo Children love to sing. They also crafted some beautiful Christmas Cards and ornanents. And they had plenty of hugs and kisses for santa. I would like to Thank all of you who helped to make the day a Special one. Thank You and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS

Joyce Altimore

Kids Christmas Party - December 10, 2005

The Christmas party for the kids was held on December 10. It was a fun time for all, especially for the kids. Santa made a special guest appearance. Here are some pictures from the party, courtesy of Joyce Altimore.

Halloween Party on October 22nd. RSVP Joyce Altimore at (215) 785-0836. Check out the details below!

The Children's Committee raffled off a 4th of July Basket at the club on Friday the 1st. The basket was full of everything you needed for a 4th of July party. Fireworks, shirts, hats, games and much more. The Basket raised a whopping $275.00 minus the $100.00 it cost to make. So with that and the 50/50 sold on Friday nights, the Children's Committee has raised $500.00 so far. Way to go girls!!!!!

The Children's Committee will be having a meeting following our next L.A.O.H. meeting. Once again, thank you all for your hard work, we should be able to something nice for our A.O.H. children soon

-   Joyce Altimore

AOH Family Picnic

Last years family picnic was the best! Our theme was RED,WHITE and BLUE and everyone came showing off there colors. This year we would like to make our theme a CRAZY HAT THEME. On September 10th from 1:00 to 7:00, come wearing your craziest hat and win a cash prize for the funniest, largest and the best created Hat! We will also have many games, The penny toss, Tug of war (girls vs boys) (kids vs adults) (A team vs B team) choose a team caption and if your team wins you get to smash a pie in the other team captions face! Dance contest (cash prize). Water balloon toss or Egg toss, Pony rides, Face painting, crafts and much much more! So come out and sport that crazy hat and have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
Below are pictures of the AOH Family Picnic from 2004. Enjoy!!

-   Joyce Altimore

AOH Family Picnic of 2004

Hibo Kids working on Hibernian Hunger Project in 2004